About Michael Mitchell

Welcome aboard. It's a pleasure to have you. 

     My focus is great storyboards. Designed with aplomb and produced with dispatch. (I'm told I'm quite fast.)      I like my team to enter the boardroom feeling extremely well equipped. When armed with a compelling presentation, one immediately communicates to their client that the product is in good hands.

    I am based in NY, but I'm available to work remotely. I studied illustration at the Art Institute of Chicago, architecture at The University of Chicago's AIA Design Center and advertising & design at The American Academy of Art. I was a founding partner at Howell/Mitchell Design in Chicago, where I practiced for over three years.  With an extensive background in marker rendering, I'm fast, versatile and professional, while my agency experience allows me to communicate succinctly and take instruction well. I am proficient in a broad range of techniques and am comfortable working in practically any medium. In addition, when creating a storyboard, I tend to think like a director, and I bring that visual perspective to the frames. This enables me to both see your personal vision cinematically, and to creatively fill in the blanks where needed.

    As this site evolves, it will showcase a wide variety of services available at michaelmitchellarts. For example, in addition to Comps and Storyboards, my bread and butter, you will find related art, illustration and design offerings. My background in architecture, interior design, illustration and fine art offers a diverse portfolio of opportunities.

    I love my work, and I look forward to being of assistance in any way I can.